File Naming Conventions: Best Practices for Naming Files

As a management consultant, I regularly deal with a large number of files. Each project comes with multiple deliverables, each
4 min read

Atomic Habits: A Practical Guide to Transformational Behaviors

In "Atomic Habits", best-selling author and renowned habits expert, James Clear articulates a persuasive argument that the key
19 min read

Book Summary: Getting Things Done by David Allen

Explore a detailed, chapter-by-chapter summary of 'Getting Things Done', David Allen's seminal productivity book, offering a deep dive into its five-stage method for personal and professional organization.
140 min read

Book Summary: Algorithms to Live By

What do computer algorithms have to do with our daily lives? More than you might think. In "Algorithms to Live By," authors Christian and Griffiths explore the ways in which we can use computer algorithms to optimize our own decision-making processes.
11 min read

Optimizing Your Workflow: Building a Personal Productivity Stack

Productivity is key to success in any field. Boost efficiency by creating a productivity stack, a mix of tools, apps, and techniques to streamline work and maximize output. Finding the right stack for you can help you save time, stay organized, and ultimately reach your goals.
9 min read

The PARA Method: How I Organize my Digital Information

For years I struggled to find a system for organizing my digital information that met all of my needs. It wasn't until I stumbled upon the P.A.R.A. method of organizing digital information that I was able to settle on a system that was just right for me.
13 min read

How to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is something we all struggle with in some form. Since I'm obsessed with productivity, I have spent a considerable amount of time looking into the subject. Here is a collection of my notes on the topic and tools I've found useful in taming my urge to procrastinate.
7 min read